I found this great 7"x10" coptic stitched sketchbook in the clearance section of Barnes & Noble. The pages were great for multi-media and were a nice cream color that I really liked.
The Illustration Department of my (now) alma mater SCAD Atlanta posts prompts for a Sketchbook Challenge, and this chronicles my submission for Winter quarter 2016.
Day 1: The inside of a hypochondriac's medicine cabinet. 
I decided to paste two pages together and have the front page flap open like a cabinet.
Day 2: Ten delicious foods
Day 3: How to become a pirate
Day 4: Five things that make you angry
Day 5: A map of you neighborhood
Day 6: An animal superhero with unique powers
Day 7: 20 different snowflakes
Day 8: A scene that takes place in extreme heat

Day 9: 10 things you'd want if stranded on an island
Day 10: A china pattern that fits your personality
Day 11: A crime scene
Day 12: Design a label for a new flavored beer
Day 13: 10 characters that live together in a haunted house
Day 14: What your cat does when you're not home
Day 15: The top of your desk
Day 16: Two people arguing at a cafe
Day 17: What would you buy if someone handed you $5000
Day 18: The best treehouse ever
Day 19: 3 things you caught while fishing (that weren't fish)
Day 20: 10 animals dressed for a party
Day 21: 10 things that are red
Day 22: Items you would put in a time capsule to open in 200 years
Day 23: An elderly married couple in the park
Day 24: Ten teenage robots
Day 25: A thing in your life you should get rid of but can't
Day 26: All the food you'll be serving at your super bowl party
Day 27: A logo for a football team with a bug as a mascot
Day 28: In honor of Valentine's Day 10 phobias of love
Day 29: A new amusement park ride based on your current or most recent relationship
Day 30: If you were a shoplifter draw 5 things you would steal
Day 31: 10 new boy and girl scout badges
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